Rafael Dias

Rafael Dias

São Paulo, Brasil
Rafael Dias
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Have you ever looked into the eyes of a wolf? Or a canine with more wolf than dog? You will never find a soul as beautiful, as pure as that of a wolf.


This is a wolf I did with scratchboard.scratchboard is like a carving. You scratch out the design on paper, .

david hale alligator #tattoos

petergator, Alligator by David Hale of Love Hawk tattoos, much love!

Movie minimalist posters - http://www.urbanarts.com.br/

Movie minimalist posters - http://www.urbanarts.com.br/


Gregorio Marangoni, brazilian tattoo artist, based in Sao Paulo/Brazil

A shark tank burst in Kuwait, creating this beautiful fantasy/nightmare.

This photo was supposedly taken after a shark tank at the Kuwait Scientific Center collapsed . but there are no shark tanks at the Kuwait Scientific Center. Moreover, the building is Union Station in Toronto, which flooded in

Unknown Pleasures

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures Add some colors and soil horizon shading and I'd have an amazing geology minded tattoo


Here´s wish of a "Tattoo" Style picture with a wolf i chosen a photo from my last photoshoot and edit it otherwise i hope that you like it ________. New Tattoo Style -Wolf-


Unwanted glory by woxys on DeviantArt


Arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos, vlk arkticky) from ZOO Brno, Czech republic Here you can see first photos of baby wolf puppies born in 2011 - [link] An.