Dicas para impactar o público a partir das cores

Dicas para impactar o público a partir das cores

O Comunicadores é um blog que foca em trazer inspiração para quem trabalha ou gosta de comunicação: seja marketing, social media, publicidade, jornalismo, design e qualquer outra área cujo objetivo seja comunicar.

Veja um infográfico com todos os atalhos do Adobe CC

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Inspiração Editorial

The layout of this magazine is very energetic. The images used are great and the way the text is paired with the images is very well done.

Knit Wit: A New Magazine About A Timeless Craft - Design*Sponge

Zinzi Edmundson & Gigi Jack is raising funds for Knit Wit Magazine on Kickstarter! A new biannual, print-only magazine about fiber art, textiles and the people who put it all together.

Vintage Life Magazine - Special Edition "To The Moon and Back" - August 10, 1969 - Moon Landing - Souvenir

I have this Vintage Life Magazine - Special Edition "To The Moon and Back" - August 1969 - Moon Landing - Souvenir ---- Such great ads in this issue.everything a tribute to the moon landing!

Cover of "The New Yorker," 1960, by Anatol Kovarsky, from the book "Tory Burch In Color"

csebastian: “The New Yorker, June 1960 cover illustrated by Anatol Kovarsky // enicoleh:wordsforyoungmen ”

‘Walter Mitty’ and the LIFE Magazine Covers That Never Were | LIFE.com

Many of the classic LIFE magazine covers on display in 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' were, in fact, never LIFE covers at all.

"Uma imagem vale mais que mil palavras". Quem nunca ouviu isso antes? E quanto mais valeria se as palavras estivessem em total harmonia com as imagens? Por

Como diagramar texto em cima de imagem

Wizz - "Best Burgers" I've seen this exact cover design straightup like 20 times, and it's extremely played out, but I thought the purple bar and logo added an interesting dimension that was worth bookmarking

picasso, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.' Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso." - Pablo Picasso

Magazine photos featuring Life Magazine [United States] December on the cover. Life Magazine [United States] December magazine cover photos, back issues and newstand editions.

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Cars Consumed by Grass

Life Magazine Cover from 1936 - Dancers from the Metropolitan Opera Ballet at the School of American Ballet