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Construction Play
some rocks are on a table with a basket and sign in the background that says please stir if place your stone in the basket when you arrive
Tash Bright on Instagram: “Sign in stones done 🤗”
a wooden table topped with cutting boards and bowls filled with rocks on top of it
Plastic Free Playdough Station - Sydney Floods + Plastic Free July
four pictures showing the process of making an ornament for a tree slice with pins and needles
children are playing with beads on a table
Flex The Brain Muscle : Indoor Activities To Promote Motor Development Of Kids | Toddler learning activities, Montessori activities, Preschool crafts
Castle & Cubby - We're Sensory Play Experts
Castle & Cubby designs and builds products for Australian families, schools, and venues that provide opportunities for all types of sensory pay. Imagine a new type of play space with Castle & Cubby.
someone is making an art project out of toilet paper and some sort of crafting supplies