me gusta el colorido de esta manta

makes me want to make a blanket. Full Spectrum Granny Square Blanket Made of 63 different coloured granny squares All these colors are blended in rainbow order starting from the middle creating a swirl and they never repeat

Quadrado de crochet Mais

Note: tippy top loop is NOT a picot, it's chain then dbl cr back into the top of the last triple, then start the next triple crochets.

Lace bedspread square pineapple star ~~

Make motif A to row Make motif A again join with first motif A on row Motif B is done after all motif A's are done.

linho | SAMOBRANOCHKA - local para as mulheres agulha, mestres

Вязанные салфетки


Crochet Beauty doily pattern is versatile, because you can make it in different shapes; but, it's in Russian language

Linda, feita em duas cores. O tamanho , é você quem decide, com o número de volta. Aqui tem duas ideias diferentes com o mesmo gráfico. ...

Almofada geométrica em crochê

“Front! #crochet #crochetcushion #craftfairbooty”

I made a cushion exactly like this . I gave it to my mom who was very short. Every time we went out to eat the cushion went with us so she could sit on it to get up closer to the tables!