Name: Alberta age: 16 Description: Alberta is 16. Alberta has a bestie named, Aubrey. Alberta and Aubrey do just about everything together! Alberta loves babies! She thinks their so cute and funny! She wants her own when she's older. She loves to dance too. She watches dance moms for tips. She also is in love with Olaf!! She thinks he such a cute snowman!!

This is Brianna but she is rarely called Brianna she goes by Bri ! She loves sitting in the sand and loves swimming!

Elsa modern

Macy is 21 and she hates going to carnivals. Macy likes hanging out with her sister (Ryan) and she LOVES decorating with her friends. Plus she likes designing her room and other things.

Beautiful white cat❤️

Inspiring image animals, cat by Sharleen - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Modern Elsa as Demi.She loves to take care of nature.She started a community pickup group.

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