How to draw hair

Basic hair tutorial - hair styles by ~LeeMinKyo on deviantART. If we see the basics in this we can apply it to any hairstyle.

q-tip rainbow painting

Painting Rainbow With Q-tips

Q-tips are the perfect paint brush for little ones. They fit well in kids hands and are smooth to paint with. We created these rainbow cards to celebrate spring and St. Patrick’s Day which is just around the corner.

Skylines,I can't believe New York is missing.

Cities always have sources of new discoveries, inspirations, and energies. And I'd like to travel to cities around the world.

How to draw flowers.

How to Draw Flowers

How to use Water Color Pencils

How to use Water Color Pencils

It is so difficult to write a how-to guide when it involves art, but I remember when I first tried water color pencils, I was searching the internet for a few days. After all that searching and picking up techniques I created a beautiful picture,.