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Barney and Robin- HIMYM. They really belong in three boards but I'm putting them here because Robin just shines

Marry someone you can play laser tag with, and feel, all the time, that you can truly lose yourself in the game, or completely lose the game, and still feel totally unselfconscious. Aww, heck! Marry someone you can just have fun with, no matter what you do! :) - Barney & Robin; How I Met Your Mother

I am Robin and I will find my Barney Stinson (less slutty version) that will play laser tag with me one day (:

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Just noticed the spin off poster hahaha (Panic at the Disco changed to Panic on the Radio)

How I Met Your Mother Cast At The Emmys. #himym #TheShowWonAnEmmy

Josh Radnor & Cobie Smulders -- Check this out…