Rhona Garvin.  This is so wonderful -- a few lines convey so much!  I'm in awe…

Swimmers - Rhona Garvin - I just finished a quilt that used small rectangles glues and sewn . This might make a nice small quilt for a vacation home bath or pool house.

Sereia do mar. J Borges (****I have a Pin in color as well of this illustration.)

"A arte de J.Borges" na Caixa Cultura Sé

Cartaz de circo de 1898

The Adam Forepaugh and Sells Brothers America's greatest shows consolidated--A troupe of pearl divers from Hawaii, Sandwich Islands . A veritable circus of the sea


"One of the places which helps me dream is the swimming pool. While I’m swimming the brain disengages from the body and I can dream" - ALESSANDRO GOTTARDO - (A jump into forever. Piece of Art by concept illustrator Alessandro Gottardo)