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a woman is looking at a shirt on a mannequin
More we have a gif for everything proof.
an orange and white cat yawning with the caption me when i walk into a bookstore
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Instagram photo by _percy_posts_ - {me edit give credit} What do you guys follow my account for? Headcanons? Edits? Text posts? Or like reaction things (aka this pic) ? #percy #percyjackson #pjo #hoo #pjato #feels #fandom #fandoms #percabeth #edit
an iphone screen with the text clockworkangel on it and two people in conversation
an image of a page with text and pictures on the bottom right hand corner in black
Holy shit thats metal
an open book with the title and page numbers on it, including two lines that are in
an image of a comic strip with the caption'you don't like reading? '
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a bed covered in lots of books on top of it
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the text reads me walks out of bookstore with armload of books friend shakes head in disappointment
27 Funny Images That Book Lovers Know All Too Well | The Funny Beaver
27 Funny Images That Book Lovers Know All Too Well I’m going to Narnia, Westeros, Hogwarts.. so many other better places than here. I mean, no one explicitly said “don’t buy books.” How could you, Gaston? You really are a brute! Actually it should be separated into “new book smell” and “old book smell.” There’s …
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