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Pearl Did You Lay This Egg? | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

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Não se esqueça você é único e importante, sua presença faz sim a diferença. Ame a si mesmo e deixe ser amado. :)

"Been a rough few days and this was the remedy to that; some gems just loving who they are. You’re all pretty great, don’t you forget it." >>> Awww, I'm sorry youve had a rough time human. Hope you get better, and good art!

"The Crystal Gems and their Steven

I think these paintings of little Steven growing up with the Gems are adorable!---realistic Steven actually looks like a old friend of mine

O balé é a única coisa que une os inimigos... Ok, isso é esquisito!

O balé é a única coisa que une os inimigos. Ok, isso é exquisite!<<< Ballet is the only thing that unites enemies .

The fact that people are saying Lars is Half - Filipino is giving me so much life! I had to draw him in a barong!