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Nepal, Himalaya - 80 year old rice farmer of Maghar tribe ♥ What a charming & inviting face he has.

Inspiro. Respiro. De todos modos no tardaré en irme.

Encanta pensar que algo tão destrutivo poderia ser comestível, ah claro tipo coca cola. I enjoy this artwork because it uses something so large (mushroom cloud) and make it miniature, and then being cut by a knife.

Dive into the I (eye)

Face hand There are None so Blind, as Those Who Will Not See, - Unsee by Stavrography.

"Wake Me Up When You're Broke" by Martyna Dziekan.

Haunting Figure Drawing Gothic Moody Dark by ClaraLieuFineArt


Trippy Mirror Photo Created Without the Help of Photoshop photography

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"Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of everyone of its members." You dont need the barcode your license is already chipped and has REAL ID linked to it. We are not free.

Trapeze work

Teresa, my great aunt doing the heel catch

By Jlillard

By Jlillard, Julia Lillard Art