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a hand made out of paper with numbers and hands on the wall next to it
DIY Language Cabinet 🗄️ Get FREE Watercolor Labels 🏷️ from my blog
So, who says 🧵🪡a craft cabinet 🗄 can’t multitask? Transform yours into a Montessori language cabinet! ‌ Ditch the pom pom🎁s, glitter, and spool threads, and fill it with Montessori language objects. ‌ Plus, gorgeous watercolor 🗂 labels are provided for f r e e to help keep everything organized. And, your little ones will be learning the ABCs in no time. No crafting skills required! ⠀ 📣Did you know I have a Montessori Language course where we learn all Montessori! With detailed video📽 lesson presentations, your little one will be climbing the literacy ladder in no time! ⠀ 🚪 🧽 Especially if your child is within the sensitive period for language acquisition, learning becomes a joyful journey rather than a dreadful mundane process! ⠀ 💰 And I currently have Language-Math bundle of
Hand drawn CLOTHESPIN animals! Occupational therapy fine motor hand strength OT SPED prek 1 2 3 4
Your students need this FUN, unique resource to work on hand strength and matching by using clothes pin to match the missing body part to beautifully HAND DRAWN animals! This resource contains animals that are disconnected into two pieces (ie: parrot / tail, toucan / beak, tiger / tail). Attach a clothespin to the missing body part, and students match the part to the animal. Once printed and put together, you can use this in SO many ways, with so many ages and abilities!
Dollar Store Montessori Activity - Practical life - Clothesline Basket DIY (easy and affordable)
Our most popular activity ☀️
Moving Nature is an online library of 80+ movement activities for parents and children. Learn easily from simple video tutorials. Play with cards children adore. 💕 Nourish your family bond 😊 Reduce stress, anxiety and agitation 💭 Improve attention, focus and creative thinking 🧘‍♀️ Learn new physical skills. Endorsed by health professionals, loved by hundreds of families ❤️ Feel supported in making movement part of your healthy habits. Free 14 days trial. Shop now to access all activities. Check link in bio!
Tente fazer... No LINK DA BIO tem mais de 1200 atividades para você fazer em casa com o seu filho ou em sala de aula com seus alunos, experimente! Best Regards: @busy #atividadespedagogicas #pedagogia #aprendizado #aprendenderbrincando #alfabeto #professora #tempojunto #atividadeemcasa #tabuleirodeletras #pareamento #pareamentodeletras #letras #criancasendocrianca #vidadeprofessora
how to tie shoelaces for kids
Amarelinha com formas geométricas
"Amarelinha" com formas geométricas. Uma excelente atividade para desenvolvermos a percepção visual e sequência com as crianças🤩 O que acharam?😁 SEGUE NOSSOS PERFIS: 🎶@universoeducacional 📸 @universo.educacao.infantil Pinterest @universoeducacionalinfantil ➡CONHEÇA AS ATIVIDADES DA LIÇÃOZINHA!⬅ CLIQUE NO LINK DA BIO😉