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Gesso na Sala - 20 Ideias para deixar sua Sala Linda

This renovated apartment is the work of Vladimir Malashonok in Moscow, Russia. The white living space is dominated by dramatic decorations.

Luxurious Extravagance

Klaus K - Helsinki, Finland Conveniently located in the heart of Helsinki, Klaus K is a hip designer hotel themed around Kalevala - the Finnish national epic. In addition to its striking interior.

Hollywood House / wHY Architecture,

The idea of computer design for say building a model is very daunting to me as i am not confident in any type of computer modeling software. I may stay away from this field thought the experience could be either enlightening and make me want to continue m

Detalle del bloque cerámico y la hoja exterior de fachada de placa de gres

Sierravent by Sierragres® Detail of the ceramic block with the exterior stoneware tile facade cladding.