Good Morning

manimmortal: “Good Morning Journal With Beth KirbyA bi-weekly feature by photographer Olivia Rae James documenting morning rituals and recipes, Good Morning Journal looks into how wonderful people lay.

Love Rain

Because every woman deserves to be showered in love ~ created by Jovita (Valentine's Day)

Olá, bom dia!

Coffee makes Coffee Lovers smile. Even coffee smiles when coffee is made. Its a coffee thing, Haters could never understand.

Veja mais mensagens de amor em

Veja mais mensagens de amor em


When a black cat crosses over your cup of coffee, does it mean you'll have bad luck all day? A cat is a cat. Enjoy your coffee and you will have a good day when you think positive.

Bom dia!

Ostrich driving car, hair in big pink hair rollers, volume and bounce, When you need coffee so funny!