the different colors of this..which color do I love--hmmmm,,BLUE!!hahah


Full of Colours with Rainbow Macaroons. Sweet and Colourfull with Creative Colours of Beautiful Colours of the 7 Colours of Rainbow Combined into one Colour (Rainbow.

O macaron é um doce clássico na França e pode ser feito de vários sabores.

I love a rainbow of bright colors co-habiting like these Parisian macarons that seem more like an oeuvre d'art than a delish dessert, but that's okay, why choose a purpose?


No recipe, but cute idea! Colored macaroons are always a fun and chic alternative to the cupcake:)

Quem não ama macarons, né? Você pode fazer branco, vermelho e verde para o natal. O que acha? :P

A sweet and colorful French pastry & dessert. Walsh look a purple food for u lol

cute way to package macarons

Remember about three or four weeks ago when I was just back from vacation (*sigh* vacation) and I mentioned I had hit the ground running?

macaroon cake! LOVE!

That is just pretty ~~ rainbow birthday party idea >> Spectacular cookie display! Looks like a christmas tree.