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"The Close encounter of Cussac is the name given to an event which happened to a young brother and sister in Cussac, Cantal, France in August They reported a UFO sighting and encounter with alien beings. Alien Encounters, Close Encounters, Crop Circles, Aliens And Ufos, Ancient Aliens, Jean Claude Bourret, Paranormal, Alien Theories, Arte Cyberpunk

(1967) La rencontre de Cussac

La rencontre de Cussac (1967) L'année 1967 a été très fructueuse en ce qui concerne les cas de rencontres rapprochées. Outre Marliens et Evillers, aussi très do

September 12 th a report of an unidentified extraterrestrial seen in Flatwoods, Braxton County West Virginia. Flatwood Monster, Ufo, Close Encounters, Alien Encounters, Mothman, Alien Art, Comic, Urban Legends, Ancient Aliens

Flatwoods Monster: Close Encounter of the Third Kind?

If you were in Flatwoods in Braxton Country, West Virginia around September 1952, chances are you would have been caught up in the hype surrounding the fir...

While these 5 close encounters are definitely creepy, the jury's still out on whether these were the result of animals or alien life forms. Alien Encounters, Close Encounters, Aliens And Ufos, Ancient Aliens, Flatwood Monster, Alien Life Forms, Sky People, Weird But True, Folklore

Feschino Reveals New Illustration of the 1952 “Strange Creek Monster” of Braxton County

The above is not the new illustration – check out the original link for a wide variety of Feschino’s illustrations of the Flatwoods / Strange Creek / Frametown Monster(s). When Mrs. May…

Voronezh, Russia UFO Landing in city park, september Giant aliens where seen by people going to work and to school in the morning. The ailens where estimated to be three meters tall Aliens And Ufos, Ancient Aliens, Paranormal, Dragons, Pseudo Science, Unidentified Flying Object, Strange Tales, Alien Abduction, Architecture Tattoo

Ep 114: Strange Tales from Wales & UFO School Daze — Astonishing Legends

If you still think that remote farms are still the most likely places for such incredible tales to emerge, you might be surprised that schoolyards also seem to be just as common for alien interactions, with notable cases happening all over the world, in countries like Australia, Zimbabwe, and Russia

 During the intense UFO wave of Marius Dewilde had a bizarre experience on the night of 10 Septe. Aliens And Ufos, Ancient Aliens, Spaceship Art, The Encounter, Comic, Flying Saucer, Ancient Mysteries, Ufo Sighting, Dog Barking

French Encounters of the Close Kind

1954: Quarouble Nord-Pas-de-Calais. During the intense UFO wave of 1954, Marius Dewilde had a bizarre experience on the night of 10 Septe...

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El humanoide volador de España - Mundo oculto

El humanoide volador de España Encuentros cercanos : El humanoide volador de Valencia, España El 14 de marzo de 1974, el matrimonio Corell

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¿Por qué las historias sobre OVNIs no se conectan en una trama global? ¿Por qué cada episodio OVNI parece único e irrepetible? ¿Por qué existen tantos tipos diferentes de extraterrestres? ¿Por qué algunos encuentros con OVNIs parecen alucinaciones? ¿Por qué los contactos con los tripulantes de los platillos volantes son absurdos y disparatados? ¿Por qué se registran fenómenos paranormales en las experiencias ufológicas? A estas alturas de la investigación, tenemos claro que los encuentros…

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Episode 308 – Mysterious Universe | Mysterious Universe

Nick Redfern joins us this week to talk about his new book “Contactees” on what turned out to be another massive show. Leading up to our interview we look a whole host of strange cryptid encounters to get you in the mood, and on the way out we have two incredible, and perhaps disturbing calls... Read more »

In Falkville Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw took this photo of a metallic-looking creature he said was standing in the middle of a local road. Greenhaw was ridiculed and lost his job. - 36 bizarre vintage Alabama photos that require explanation Aliens And Ufos, Ancient Aliens, Paranormal Pictures, Alien Photos, Coast To Coast Am, Strange Beasts, Mystery, Spaceship Art, Cryptozoology

36 bizarre vintage Alabama pics worth explaining

You've probably seen those intriguing galleries of odd historical photos shared on social media, the ones that leave you wondering about the back story. We decided to collect some unusual photos from Alabama's archives.

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サブロジーの日々是ずく出し ウンモ星人


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ALiEN HYNEK on Twitter

“#RetratosExtraterrestres El 11/07/1978 en Alto de Mooca, Brasil, una mujer de 44 años llamada Amalia estaba viendo TV hasta que la señal falló. Salió al patio a tirar cascaras de naranja y al abrir la puerta vio 2 seres pequeños que le hicieron señas y luego se fueron en una nave”

UFOnauts: What they look like. Arte Alien, Alien Art, Aliens Movie, Aliens And Ufos, Alien Encounters, Wallpaper Space, Cool Art, Nice Art, Virtual World

UFOnauts: What they look like...?

l [ATTACH] I keep seeing a resemblance between him and the Human Bullet! lol

A Famous Contactee from Turkey, and the Map of the Universe-UFO Casebook Files Aliens Und Ufos, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Astronaut Theory, Mythological Characters, Alien Abduction, Comic, Alien Art, Ancient Mysteries, Ufo Sighting

A Famous Contactee from Turkey, and the Map of the Universe-UFO Casebook Files

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