Renan Fagundes

Renan Fagundes

Renan Fagundes
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The West Wind Hag Covens are  one of the oldest and most feared powers of Bhaile

Hag Black Annis -- A malevolent being with blue skin, she roamed the countryside and enjoyed meals of lambs and children. If she caught a child, she would tan its skin and wear it around her waist.

The Stunning Character Concepts and Matte Paintings of Marvin P. Sola - Tuts+ Design  Illustration Article

Catch Concept Art by Bryan Marvin P. Sola, a concept artist from Philippines. Bryan creates fantasy as well as sci-fi art, which is really amazing. Naida the watercaster The duel Abbadon The warrior The life giver… Continue Reading →

MZLoweRPP verified link on 6/30/2016 Source: Artist: Hugo Solis Artist's Title: Yonderdell

A full-color, exquisitely detailed map of the city of Katalál, the starting location of Jeff Dee's Béthorm: Plane of Tékumel RPG from UNIgames, by expert fantasy cartographer Alyssa .