Festa Junina

An annual Brazilian tradition celebrating the countryside. Men wear straw hats, mended clothes, while women wear plaid/mended dresses, pigtails, and freckles.

DIY hand puppets

Felt Hand Puppets

Buy Felt Hand Puppets at Baker Ross. Children of all ages will love making their own characters from these colourful felt hand puppets. They can be decorated by gluing or sewing on fabric, beads, sequins etc.

how to make a no-sew felt knitting basket.

How to: Make a No-Sew Felt Storage Basket

Ryan from The Blooming Thread designed this gorgeous felt rose basket and shares the how to with the world. Kinda reminds me of Curbly's own foldable gift box project. For the complete tutorial, visit The Blooming Thread. [via Fine Craft Guild]

Stampin' Up, Box

When you have over two-dozen family members, you give away lots of birthday boxes in a year. A gra.

dedoches feltro

You are looking at a full safari animal hand puppet set - available in two sizes! This is a set of 9 puppets - cheetah, elephant, gazelle,