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another pinned says "this -> In my dream house we have an entire dog room. It's where they will eat, where they get bathed, where I can put them when we have company that I don't want them jumping on or sticking their noses up their butts. It also has a doggie door to the dog run yard outside. I love my dream house. Can't wait to move in." I agree!! this would so be in my dream house!

Doggie shower in garage. Love this idea. Also seen it done like a mud room with a door to the exterior so the dogs can go in and out but can be closed off from the rest of the house (like a giant dog house with all the amenities attached to your house!

Pallet-Cedar-Hot-Tub.jpg (600×413)

This one seems like a pallet dream land really. This water well come swimming pool is again recycled with our master crafter pallet wood. A cornered water world for all the water lovers and the ones who want to enjoy their privacy, this pallet swimming po