I had many of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls growing up! Also had the Trolley,Gazebo, Bicycle and Carry Case shaped like a strawberry! My bedroom was completely decked out in strawberry shortcake as

Simon #80's

I remember this game! So much fun yet so tricky at the same time


I have owned many video game consoles in my life. The original Nintendo Entertainment System was not my first video game console, nor the last. But like so many gamers who have continued to carry o…

I loved these

Check out the sweet colors.) couldn't be a Tupperware ladies kid without this set! I still have some that my kids play with

Canetinha Sylvapen / Baycolor

Canetinhas (ter um estojinho desses era uma conquista e tanto!

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A ausência desta matéria no currículo escolar foi a causa do caos do Brasil.

Mini brinquedos apetrechos de cozinha anos 70

Mini brinquedos apetrechos de cozinha e Hora do Chá de Bonecas

Strawberry Shortcake - Moranguinho década de 80

Coleção Moranguinho Bonecas perfumadas década de 80