Crochê + puff

we’ve all seen one fabulous puffy pouf after another, but their beauty and functionality seem to always be accompanied by a hefty price tag. well knitters, this pouf pattern from pickles will have you making knitted stools in no time.

- Pufe De Bobina + rack bloco tijolo

- Pufe De Bobina

Instead of wrapping rope around a tire this would work and look great.

Tricô Gigante (2)

Home and style inspiration for our obsession with chunky knits from favourites like I Love Mr Mittens, Loopy Mango, Country Road and more.

Camas de tricô gigante feitas para cães e gatos criadas pela designer ucraniana Anna Mo;

Camas de tricô gigante para cães e gatos ganham o coração dos apaixonados por bichos

A alcofa "mais confortável do mundo" - A designer ucraniana Anna Mo continua a…

Tricô – De vários tamanhos e cores, as ideias abaixo podem manter alguém aquecido sem deixar o estilo de lado.

- Tricô para Aquecer e Decorar!

How original is this oversized Knotty Floor Cushion by Berlin-based Czech brand Kumeko? The grey hue is exquisite and the weaving work is beautiful. The end result looks like a cross between a sailor's knot and a woven basket.

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