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tape dispensers are stored in a drawer on the floor next to tools
Jumbo Tape Dispenser | Popular Woodworking
a hand holding a pair of pliers on top of a counter with the words how to install your new countertop in a box
Space Saving Countertop
Here's the best option for small spaces in offices, laundry rooms, and even garages.
a candle that is sitting next to a pillar
Faux Bamboo
How to paint PVC pipes to look like bamboo. (much needed for the arch for my beach wedding)
two pieces of bamboo sitting on top of a wooden table
Making Fake Bamboo - Tiki Central
Making Fake Bamboo -- Tiki Central [not safe for terrariums! Some ideas here that can be modified to safe (use of safe paints for example) so think on it being safe before making it]
a person is holding two different tools in their kitchen cabinet
11 Ways to Get Organized with Bathroom Cabinet Doors
11 Ways to Get Organized with Bathroom Cabinet Doors
a red and white vase sitting on top of a metal wall
a gym with exercise equipment and a large tv mounted to the wall above it's windows
DO NOT BUY Yet Gym Decal - Office Wall Decal -Workout Decal - Fitness Decal - Workout Decal - Office Decal - Large Gym Decal
Got a large space you need to fill? I can help! The process is very simple! Just message me and let me know your thoughts and ideas, the space you have to use, and anything else I may need to know and I will send you a price and a turn around time! $199 is the starting point for a 6 foot wide design. I try to work with your budget. Design will come as individual words that you will install based on a picture provided. Makes it much easier to handle and easier to install. Please contact us first
there are many different chairs on the wall
100 Astuces de Rangement Pour un Garage Toujours Bien Organisé.