Plan #496-18; 3584 SF | 4 bed + study | 2.5 bath | 2 car | 2 story.

separate bedroom areas with kids activity, no common bedroom/loo walls. could loose study and move back garage


Turn upside down, garage near kitchen, lounge near veranda

Lançamento de Projeto de Casa Térrea, 3 quartos e 2 suites, pronta para construir, com 142 m2. Conheça dezenas de plantas de casas com modelos modernos.

Projeto Arquitetônico: Casa Campinas • Cód. 106 • R$ 598,00

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I really love the modern style of the house. Only one suggestion on my behalf - put the TV in the living room and change living room 2 to a music room with a stage! I would TOTALLY live there!