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Calendario de horas silenciisa. Veja também:   Introdução   Amor     Alegria  Paz  Longanimidade   ...

Calendario de horas silenciisa. Veja também: Introdução Amor Alegria Paz Longanimidade ...

Exactly...especially for these past 5-6 days..& at this very moment...

"Pain lets you know you are still alive. Man, I feel so, so, so alive right now." Fibromyalgia must show how alive you are then!

Understanding Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

Understanding Interstitial Cystitis (IC) Experience shows IC responds to low dose naltrexone mg. LDN mg regulates immune sysytem and decreases inflammation.

Chronic pain from Dystonia, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, or any illness

Strategies On How To Properly Deal With Arthritis. Arthritis can affect people of all ages, and it is important to be sympathetic to their symptoms and pain. It effects the bones and can cause severe pain i

Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Chronic kidney stones, chronic migraines, bulging discs in back and neck/arthritis & sciatica, Crohn's Disease, and gallbladder spasms to name a few. Thanks for everyone who is patient and understanding! It means more than you know! (Back Pain Humor)

Chronic Illness

Don't be surprised if . I still love being with you like before, but my illness prevents me from being the same as before. I miss who I used to be & doing things I used to do :(

Herbal remedies for Interstitial Cystitis

The Herbal Treatment of Interstitial Cystitis (IC) Or Painful Bladder Syndrome ~ Remedies Park.the liver constantly works to detoxify your body and is boosted by a good diet.