Arroz de forno

Arroz de Forno


Felt stuffed Pac-man and ghost toys/pillows on Wish. Must put them in my game room.

DIY: Keyboard Cat Wrist Rest: would love to do this and also use it to help my arthritic wrists! Either heat it up in the nuker, or keep it in the freezer for cold therapy while I'm typing.

Keyboard Cat

No, not THAT keyboard cat, silly. There& a new keyboard cat in town. The the geeky lovechild of keyboard cat and long cat. Oh yeah, this cat has nerd to.

Office holiday exchange gift.

Gift Exchange Ideas: 40 Gifts You Can Get Under $10

Coffee for Geeks * Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set. Check at ThinkGeek for // Café para frikis * Set de tazas Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Prateleira Sociedade

Prateleira Sociedade

R2D2 feito com lixeira!

White garbage can plus colored duct tape for the shapes.(bonus room) this would be a cool kid laundry basket.

it's a lot bigger on the inside... Can I have it? Pretty please?!

53 Estantes com design moderno e curioso que tornariam qualquer casa um lugar mais inspirador

Star Wars kids bedroom

Why Do Kids Get All The Cool Geek Bedrooms? --- If I have kids they are going to have geek bedrooms, actually my entire house will be "geekified" and "adorkable"!