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A beginner's guide to shooting the stars — HANNAH PREWITT

A photography tutorial for beginner photographers explaining how to take amazing photos of the starry night sky. If you've never tried astro photography before, this tutorial explains the process in detail.

Best Camera Settings for Milky Way Photos (98% of Shots!)

We've dedicated an entire article to the best camera settings for Milky Way photography. We use these for 98% of our Milky Way shots. Find out how!

Milky Way Camera Settings

These are the exact camera settings I use to photograph the Milky Way Galaxy with my Canon DSLR and wide-angle camera lens.

How to Take Pictures of Stars: In-Depth Guide to Astrophotography [2021]

"How to Take Pictures of Stars" tutorial covers the following topics: Equipment, Finding the Milky Way and the Dark Sky, Focusing, Shooting Technique, Composition. Editing.

Your Chance to Photograph a Total Lunar Eclipse this Month | Jan 20-21

A total lunar eclipse is a truly breath-taking astronomical event that anyone can appreciate.To photograph the moon during the eclipse I recommend using a DSLR camera and small telescope.

Lesson16.1 - How to photograph the Moon (Photography Tutorial)

In this photography tutorial you will learn how take pictures of the Moon, what will you need for it and how to set your camera. Music: Kevin MacLeod. (Licen...

Night Photography For Beginners

Learn how to take amazing photos at night! Learn from a night photography specialist and have your photos looking stunning in no time!

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Northern Lights - Luxe Adventure Traveler

After more than 50 nights spent chasing the Northern Lights, we've compiled these 10 things no one ever tells you about the Aurora Borealis.

7 Mistakes People Make When Trying to See the Northern Lights in Norway - Heart My Backpack

Updated July 2020 Norway just opened its borders to most EU countries again, and I’ve already started getting emails from people wanting to plan northern lights trips to Norway this autumn and winter. Okay, maybe not everyone planning a visit to Norway this autumn/winter is thinking about the northern lights, but I think it’s safe to...Read More

Night Photography Beginner Basics: The Gear

The Night Sky can be a beautiful thing, and long exposure nighttime photography can expose that beauty to anyone with the right (affordable) equipment. As complete beginners in this area, we thought we could share what we have learned as we enjoyed a week in Bryce Canyon recently and spent a few of…

How to take jaw-dropping photographs of star trails

Why take one night sky photo when you can take 200?

Fixed Tripod Astrophotography And The 600 Rule by CapturingTheNight on DeviantArt

© Greg Gibbs. You may NOT use, replicate, manipulate, or modify any images in this tutorial without my permission. All Rights Reserved. I wanted to do s... Fixed Tripod Astrophotography And The 600 Rule

How To Photograph Northern Lights - Tips for Beginners

How to photograph the Northern Lights: aurora hunting tips, camera gear, and simple camera settings for Northern Lights photography.

How to Photograph a Moonrise

Learn how to get amazing photos by capturing a beautiful moonrise. This article includes tips, resources, and recommended gear.