The passion of the crimson rose.

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a man riding on the back of a horse next to a red and white flag
Art by 鴉 @KarasMinamino
Web Design, Art, Wordpress, Design, Oscar, Crimson, Roma, Old Anime
The Rose of Versailles - Lady Oscar (AI Art)
a drawing of a woman in a blue and white dress holding a pink flower with her right hand
Dylan Bonner Art
a painting of a blonde haired woman with blue eyes and long hair wearing a collared shirt
Vintage, Shoujo, Hinata, Tokyo Ghoul
a drawing of a woman with blonde hair wearing a blue and white outfit while standing in front of a bunch of flowers
an anime character with long blonde hair
マーガレット 2016年 #2
an anime book with two people hugging each other in front of green curtained windows
マーガレット 2017年 #23
『ベルサイユのばら エピソード9/2』池田理代子
a black and white drawing of a woman with curly hair sitting on a chair wearing a dress
Anime, Sailor Moon, Zelda Characters, Princess Zelda, Cartoon Wallpaper
ليدي أوسكار
Manhwa, Anime Girl, Manga Anime, Anime Girl Drawings
a woman sitting on top of a brick wall next to her legs and leg high
"Роза Версаля" - Fan Art – 2,160 photos