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Vinicius Ribas
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#Coruja - simboliza a reflexo, o conhecimento racional e intuitivo. Para muitos povos a coruja significa mistrio, inteligncia, sabedoria e conhecimento. Ela tem a capacidade de enxergar atravs da escurido, conseguindo ver o que os outros no vem.

that's a tattoo idea! - eyes behind me - Owls see through deception. The owl is a universal messenger of psychic wisdom and truth


Instead of the gemstone (which is gorgeous) I would like this style of owl with maybe a daisy in the middle with a bug of some sort to commemorate Daisy and Callie-Bug

'Owl' by Sinan Ozdemir

This is a cool vector illustration of an owl. I like the complexity of the owl and also that it is perfectly symmetrical. I think that the complex pattern really works well for the piece. The color scheme is also really nice.