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Paris Travel Poster, depicting a woman with her suitcase looking at the Eiffel Tower. [DH: Check article for mor vintage travel posters!

Image of Vintage Venice Travel Poster

Vintage Venice Travel Poster

Czech Republic: Prague - We were inspired by vintage travel prints from the Golden Age of Poster Design (a glorious period spanning the late-1800s to the mid-1900s.) So we set out to create a collection of brand new international prints with a bold and adventurous feel. This lovely print celebrates the serene beauty of Prague at dusk.<br />

Czech Republic: Prague - We were inspired by vintage travel prints from the…

BERLIN poster

A list of 10 things I still didn't know about Berlin. I live in Berlin and sometimes I feel like a tourist. Here are 10 facts about this wonderful city.

"'Augustus,' I said. 'Really. You don't have to do this.' 'Sure I do,' he said. 'I found my wish.' 'God, you're the best,' I told him. 'I bet you say that to all the boys who finance your international travel,' he answered. (5.90) Augustus is willing to give up the one wish he has for Hazel which shows how he feels about her.

Wir zeigen unsere Heimatliebe

So this is the poster I had been working on and just posted details until now. It’s my entry for the City Poster Contest Please go to this site and vote for my poster. If my poster gets printed.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary wall art is available in an array of finishes, materials, and sizes, this retro inspired wall art will make Budapest feel close to your heart with its bright color palette and unique