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DIY cage & entertainment center

bunny condo built into a desk or table. I could take the existing bunny condo and make a top for it, stain it, and dress the whole thing up a little!

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I think it would be a great idea to get a thread going with pics of everyones bunny condos/living area/room where there bunny lives. I think this would be great to do for people who need new ideas for there bunny condo or just for p.

Coelhos e Hamsters

While they are simple exotic pets, they also need tender loving care so make sure to educate the child on how to take care of the rabbit.

New Age Pet Park Avenue Indoor Hutch

Park ave indoor hutch for rabbits and small animals. Made with ecoFLEX, an eco-friendly and durable composite material that is non toxic, non absorbant and easy to clean. Requires no maintenance.