Font pairing

Sans Serif Sans Serif is the opposite of Serif, I remember this by saying that San Serifs as no tales. Sans Serif fonts are my preferred fonts, especially as some San Serif types gives a more modern feel and approach to work.

wood type, yes please

the cheerfully packaged Authentic Vintage Wood type Letter mix: Typographic Gifts for Designers

The Arabic Didot by Ruh Al-Alam, via Behance

The Arabic Didot by Ruh Al-Alam The Arabic Didot is an experimental typeface developed by London based designer Ruh Al-Alam for use in his own compositions. Ruh’s work is rooted in an Arabic tradition.

elsasylvanfr1 Crash F/W 2009 | Elsa Sylvan by Alexandra Catiere

Crash F/W 2009

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin- Stairway To Heaven Fabric Poster (Fabric Posters/Flags). Our oversized fabric band posters and wall tapestries are made of a strong, silk-like material that will not rip like paper posters!

Jude - Arabic Calligraphic Script by Ruh Al-Alam, via Behance

By the name of Allah. In 'Jude' (جود), a contemporary Arabic calligraphic script by Ruh Al Alam