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Design e tecnologia para uma boa estadia

Detalle instalación Crystal line

Aluminum fastening system / for panels / railing / glass - B - Clear glass


Sintex -Workspace ergonomic rules - So that you can only move with any freedom if you are sitting down? This looks sort of evil! I can't still figure out why leave that gap between two tables if it is clearly impossible for anyone to walk past it without

I won't be able to stop touching this chair. Looks incredibly smooth.

Details we like / Chair / Wood / Grey / Soft Surface / Handmade /at Hiroshima Chair I Naoto Fukasawa dining chair

The Importance of Proper Office Space Planning

The Importance of Proper Office Space Planning [Infographic]. Improving the design and organization within your office or cubicle can make a huge difference with regard to productivity and morale.

Psychology of the Office Space [#Infographic] | Take It Personel-ly

Office design trends come in and out of fashion quicker than one can say “treadmill desk”, but there’s a good reason why managers are always obsessing about ways to improve their work spaces; it turns out that an office space can have a huge psychological

I love the Rustic Storage Side Table on Two of these might be great in place of a traditional coffee table.

Industrial Storage Side Table