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Love Pixar movies

Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling. Finally something that will help me. I'm going to apply all 22 rules to all 36 of my works in progress and keep that info sheet in the front of each of their files.

#WallE "Computer: Define Dancing"

Day Favorite couple: Wall-E and Eve! This movie was so cute and I love these two as a couple. Their whole story is so cute.the high-tech robot and the tiny little old fashioned robot.

"Up" = "La Haut"

I always thought the colors of the balloons in the movie up was fanatically put together. The colors are all primary colors which seem to blend in nicely to the sky. - Love the movie UP

FIRST Inside Out (teaser) Trailer IS HERE!! Are you ready to meet the little voices inside your head?

Fear, Sadness, Joy, Disgust and Anger. These characters represent the emotions at work inside the brain of the 11 year old heroine in Pixar's upcoming film "Inside Out"