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two cats and a tortoise laying on the ground next to a wooden fence
I'm working while she's sleeping😂😂😂
a woman holding three parrots on her shoulder
Baby macaws 🥰
Betta Fish and Budgerigar
Arara-canindé brincando
Arara Azul #instafollow #cat #awesome #instalove #makeup #instasize #instacool
Voo da Arara-canindé
a colorful parrot with orange, yellow and green feathers on it's head is looking at the camera
a blue parrot sitting on top of a tree branch
latest (1200×1800)
three blue parrots are perched on a branch in front of some green leaves and trees
Epoch Times Brasil - Verdade e Tradição
Em 40 anos, metade da população de vários animais reduzida à metade | #Fauna, #Jmj, #MeioAmbiente, #Planeta, #WWF