MicroMark N.82281 - Center Find for Round Stock

Never drill off-center holes again.use our Center Finder to quickly and easily position your drill press chuck directly above the exact center of a round workpiece.

MicroMark - Field Grass Planting Tool - N.81751

Special tool to 'plant' field grass - cut tip off eye of needle & insert into dowel; thread grass into eye, insert into 'ground' base

MicroMark N.84047 - Duplicate-It

Duplicate-It works just as well on thin wood sheets, card stock and paper up to inch thick.


Chop-It Chop-It Makes Accurate Miter Cuts Easy One of the most useful tools for the hobbyist working in wood or plastic strip material. Makes clean, neat, feather-free and accurate cuts, easily and inexpensively.

MicroMark N.86485 - Jewelers Miter Jig

Transform your next micro project with jigs and fixtures from Micro-Mark. Find a high quality micro jig or bench block that's been high quality tested today.