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Main Battle A_P_E

For the Iron Mecha challenge. Usually use natural light for these and being the shortest day of the year this week there has not been a lot. I also have a BL order with a few extra bits for this and a white one that must have been delayed by the ash cloud from Chile. So this will have to do!

This would help me for my lego robots!

Mr. Choppy

Self-explanatory. Don't fuck with him.

Saw Evan build this based on my doodle and figured I'd finish up my own version. Lego Robot, Lego Lego, Lego Army, Lego Military, Micro Lego, Brick Art, Lego Boards, Lego Mechs, Lego Design

Turret Man!

Saw Evan build this based on my doodle and figured I'd finish up my own version.

Lego bricks can be used to construct nearly anything imaginable, from engines to aircraft carriers, sporting venues, cars, airplanes and spaceships.

LEGO Orange Mech

Never knew legos could be BA

ST-17h "Hellion" - Heavy Support

The ST-17h is derived from the last recorded data remnants the lost ST-17 "Reaver" prototype frame , the only two of which were stolen with their fate unknown. The Hellion is equipped with an 'Imperius' class Grand Railer autocannon, powered by a quad flux-core power pack. This enables the Hellion to fire at a quicker rate than normal and provides enough juice to lug such a heavy weapon around the battlefield. Additional Shots: Rear

My take on a Ashley Wood Bertie robot.

CubeDude Bertie 5

My take on a Ashley Wood Bertie robot.

LEGO spacewalker with mini-drone Lego Robot, Lego Duplo, Classic Lego, Lego Boards, Lego Craft, Lego Mechs, Cool Lego Creations, Lego Minecraft, Lego Projects

Neo Futuron Chicken Walker

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"Castor" - Solar Union Adaptation by Lego Mechs, Lego Bionicle, Earth Games, Micro Lego, Humanoid Robot, Lego Robot, Lego Projects, Custom Lego, Cool Lego

ST-23 "Castor" - Solar Union Adaptation

Fighting against the Ijad taught the Solar Union one important lesson: desperation and determination can quickly lead to innovation. The design of the ST-02 "Scrambler" set the precedent for what would become dozens of quadruped frame variants, all of which the Ijad have succeeded with. The ST-23 represents the Solar Union's reverse engineering of the Ijad quadruped design, favoring more traditional weaponry to the SU such as the burst cannons shown here. The Castor otherwise functions…

We trade for cans!

We trade for 10,000 cans!

This is a slight update of a MOC I originally made for one of the Eurobricks contests in 2010. The model depicts the alien exo-suit from the movie District 9. In the movie, after some deft bargaining, the aliens trade the suit for 100 cans of cat food. "Stupid prawns!"

- Solar Union Peacekeeper Frame - Custom by

00009-Seneschal - Solar Union Peacekeeper Frame - Custom #1

The 00009 is the production model of the UMD-30 "Acheron" frame, re-purposed as a peacekeeping unit by the Solar Union to guard Transit Gates, Government Installations and other key public facilities. Unlike the Acheron, the Seneschal has had its armor bulked up, favoring durability over mobility, though it retains the Acheron's iconic head-mounted sensor array. Its armament includes a heavy plasma beam cannon for ranged attacks, and a vibro-glaive for melee encounters. LFOW's Note: This…

 This week we’re celebrating the power of lego. Lego has brought some…

I poop turrets.

Please view the full size to see better. If my subconcious stole someone else's design, please let me know. (as far as I know these are all original) :D

'Grunt' Hardsuit by [Carter]

Carter’s New Mecha

Stolen XM9 - "Gernsback" - Desert Mercenary Asada | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Lego Bots, Cool Lego, Awesome Lego, Hunting Party, Lego Craft, Lego Mechs, Lego Figures, Lego Design, Lego Models

Stolen XM9 - "Gernsback" - Desert Mercenary Asada

After an unfortunate run in with some shady types on Fenris VI, the Mistarille Dawn's Ninth Ray lost one of its new XM9 "Gernsback" frames in a firefight outside the city of Tasinn with a mercenary hunting party. It seems the leader of this renegade group, "Single-Shot-Asada", has refitted it for use on the wastelands as her personal trophy. Wielding her well known and feared throughout the sector sniper rifle, the "PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II", Asada's new Gernsback will prove a hard frame…