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Visite privée au château de Versailles
an old building with a fountain in front of it and cloudy skies above the buildings
Catedral de Burgos: una obra maestra de la arquitectura gótica |
an arch in the middle of a garden with pink and white flowers on either side
lovelight-heavyhitter: Premade BK Stock 179 by... (Gypsy Purple home......)
a painting of an old building with flowers in the foreground and trees on either side
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the sun shines brightly on an old gazebo with white flowers in front of it
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the inside of a cathedral with columns and arches
Arquitectura (@alexibarraa_)
the interior of a building with columns and paintings
an ornate building with columns and paintings on the ceiling
La Chapelle Royale, Palace of Versailles, France
the interior of a church with painted ceilings and pews
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an ornately painted room with chandeliers and paintings on the ceiling is shown
an elaborately decorated hall with chandeliers and mirrors