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three women in dresses and hats are posing for a photo on the dancefloor
Screen Goddess
Carmen Miranda
two men standing next to each other in front of a wall covered with paper hearts
Movimento Country
Bruno e Marrone
three men standing next to each other with the words paralamas
Os Paralamas do Sucesso
Os Paralamas do Sucesso
a woman posing in front of a wall with her hands on her hips and smiling
Bebel Gilberto
a man playing an instrument on stage with his hands in the air and holding it up
an image of the earth as seen from space, with clouds in the sky above it
a man wearing a hat and smiling for the camera with his eyes wide open, in front of a magazine cover
Martinho da Vila
a group of people that are on stage
Paula Fernandes - Pra Você - Clipe Oficial
Paula Fernandes - Eu quero ser pra você...
a woman in jeans and a top with a guitar on the back, standing next to her - contact with domain owner |
Paula Fernandes
two men and a woman standing next to each other in front of a guitar case
Kid Abelha
a woman with her hand on her chin looking away from the camera while wearing gold rings
Marisa Monte
a man singing into a microphone while holding an orange guitar in front of him on stage
Jorge Ben Jor
a beautiful woman in a white dress posing for the camera with her hands on her hip
Daniela Mercury Photos (2 of 169) |
Daniela Mercury
a woman in a white and black dress on stage with her hand up to the air
Ivete Sangalo