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This is Homoerotic Superman drawn by William Busbee! This is the 2nd entry for the Homoerotic Superman Pin-Up Challenge.  ATTN: ARTISTS/ILLUSTRATORS/CARTOONISTS OF G+/Tumblr/Facebook/DeviantArt/Twitter/etc: it’s the Homoerotic Superman Pin-Up Challenge!I challenge you to make a homoerotic version of a Superman iteration of your choice — pre-existing or your own invention! Racial, ethnic, cultural, age and body type diversity are especially welcome. Instructions on how to deliver your pin-up…

i had a few free hours today on my off day and decided to color my nude superman drawing. the black and white has been pretty popular and so i decided t. Clark the Power of Emotion

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mikestand: “ nelsoncarpenter submitted: dalelazarov: “ It’s a job for — OOPS! Superman pin-up by Si Arden, my collaborator on BULLDOGS BULLDOGS is a gay erotic comic on sale at.