Very neat bathroom layout with the washing machine. Washing machine is exposed but neatly tucked away - Modern Bathroom

Box de banheiro

Small white bathroom with marble tile, white cabinets, glass shower doors, flowers. Small Bathroom Ideas: Shower Spaces from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

Дизайн маленьких квартир - фотогалерея квартиры 40 кв м в Мадриде

Bathroom : Functional Small Bathroom Design Ideas for Modern Homes - Minimalist Small Bathroom Design With Glass Shower Box And Washing Machine

La Suite sans Cravate, Brugge, 2013 - Véronique Bogaert

Inspiring Triangle Penthouse Design with Wooden Interior Decoration: Simple Wooden Vanity In The La Suite Sans Cravate Bathroom With Dark Sink And Long Clear Mirror ~ SFXit Design Apartments Inspiration