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It¡¯s The mystery of the Ancient CHINA£¨some pictures£© - Art

There are 56 ethnic groups in China that have been specifically recognized by the government. In this series, Taiwanese artist Chen Shu Fen (陈淑芬) has painted stunning portraits of women from each one in their traditional dress. This one here is of a Kazakh woman.

Kazak women dress and accessories, female dresses and accessories of China's 56 Ethnic Groups

Niña de vietnam, gente de Hmong impresión del arte

Young girl from vietnam Hmong people art by PrintIllustrations/Claudia Tremblay…

Kind aus Afrika inspiriert mit Schmetterlingen von claudiatremblay

wordplayisforeplay: “ hiphiphiphip-hophophophop: “ heroineheroine: “ In a circle of passion we Paris Italy Japan Africa Rome We made music, we trombone It was magic the way it happened Pure.

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Girl with lilly from Nebaj Guatemala por claudiatremblay en Etsy

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