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Mapa vitivinícola de España  vía @cam Folly

"Spain Wine Regions Map," by Wine Folly -- "Spain is a very diverse country so it helps to get a lay of the land. This map of the wine regions of Spain helps to put into context the various kinds of wines that grow throughout the country.

[Map] "Bordeaux Wine Map (France)" Nov-2012 by Winefolly.com. (Carte des Regions Viticoles et des AOC du Bordeaux).

The official Wine Folly holiday guide is here. Fun activities and gifts for wine lovers from modest to jaw-dropping. All the things a wine lover can't live without.

How is Red Wine Made? An Infographic | Wine Folly - A VirtualBoard Blog for CEO's and Business Owners

Awesome illustrations by Jelle de Roeck on Wine Folley: " See how red wine is made with an easy-to-understand infographic. How is red wine made? Harvest grapes, smash them up and watch as yeast turns grape sugar into alcohol!" How is Red Wine Made?