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an architectural drawing of a building with three chimneys
an image of a building with parts labeled in english and german on the outside side
Asia Prefabrik & Konteyner Yapılar, En Uygun Fiyatlar
the side of a building that has some windows in it and gravel on the ground
Wall Cladding Melbourne - Architectural Cladding Australia
a kitchen with wood flooring and white painted walls, along with sliding glass doors leading to an outdoor deck
DIY Shipping Container House for $25k |
a man in a yellow jacket is looking out the side of a shipping container with his arms outstretched
#tbt throwback to one of our favorite container office & storage units
the floor plan for a small house with an attached bathroom and living room, including a kitchen
Traga seu projeto para a Box container
the kitchen has plants growing on the wall above the counter and below the sink area
Holly Design | Shaye's Tiny Homes | Auckland
Container Tiny Home
Is it wrong of me to want to order 3 containers to build a mansion?
there is a staircase leading to the second floor in this modern house with white walls and wood floors
a tiny house with stairs and plants in the yard
Buy Plans | Shaye's Tiny Homes | Auckland
an open door leading to a living room and dining area with wood paneling on the walls
Britt Design | Shaye's Tiny Homes