My room is in serious need of this. #organization. Beautiful.

How to clean and organize your craft room. Ideas for saving space and time. Run small strips of wood down the wall, lean paint bottles against wall. I need to do this, for my nail stuff and my crafts!

ikea crafting. Smart using curtain rods so you can hang everything.

Top 58 Most Creative Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects - Page 4 of 58 - DIY & Crafts. LOVE this idea with the Ikea wall storage for a craft room.

Almost makes me want to take up cross stitching. :)

Home is when you come home to your favorite rap lyrics. I WILL have so many rap lyrics in my house haha.

So beautiful. And just to be clear, it is NOT a beta! For all you people out there who might mistake this fish for a beta its a black goldfish. Thank you for your time.(: black and white photo photography fish graceful beautiful