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The main aspect of the Biomedical Engineering field is the ability to develop technologies such as prosthetic limbs or organs, even pacemakers and others of the sort. These developments continue to improve with ongoing research.

Tariq has one fake leg when he was younger. Tariq loses his other when he was fleeing to Pakistan.

Chicago is home to cutting-edge research on prosthetics that is changing the outlook for some amputees from veterans to everyday people. #FLVS #tech #veteran

A bionic leg. Chicago-area researchers are involved in some of the most cutting-edge technology for amputees.

Ecko Prosthetic Leg Project by Jordan Diatlo

Ecko Unltd Prosthetic Leg adjusts according to an amputee’s requirement - Designbuzz


Things are coming along nicely.



『切断ヴィーナス』 - もっと高く、もっと遠くへ、そしてもっと美しく。

『切断ヴィーナス』 - もっと高く、もっと遠くへ、そしてもっと美しく。

Examples of transfemoral sockets: (a) Ischial Containment and (b) Sub-ischial

Development of Subischial Prosthetic Sockets with Vacuum-Assisted Suspension for Highly Active Persons with Transfemoral Amputations: Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center: Feinberg School of Medicine

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