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this isn't even funny idek what to save it to
But Tol Boi is “the most traumatized” bc “DaD sEnT mE tO tHe M🌕🌕N ONE TIME”

Umbrella Academy

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Try this, a compelling contemporary novel that manages to incorporate online gaming and communication in a way that feels natural, real, and very, very relevant to anyone living in the modern world. Plus, Falkoff’s a lawyer, so you know she’s smart, and she went to the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop, so you know the prose is good.


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[Avatar] toph and nicknames : r/CuratedTumblr


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My bae

Danny Phantom

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Characters of Divergent by sukieblackmore.deviantart.com on @deviantART:
theatre problems | theatre kid problems ] | Makes Me Happy


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Okay im very sorry about the language.... BUT MY GOD THIS IS THE SWEETEST THING ehahhahabahajslowanab
The fault in our stars
Literally one of my fav lines in the book and Isaac in this scene is me when I'm third wheeling lol!

Fault in our stars

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This should happen.
Yay! Can't wait to be the extra, useless character in the next life!!

Head canon

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Yeah never do that
Colors and Heathers the Musical. I'd say Heather's yellow is representative of her evil actions stemming from fear. She is by no means an innocent character, but she makes poor choices based on the fear others will not accept her.
She changed so much


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Fantastic Beasts headcanon - Credence and Modesty

Fantastic Beasts

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Hunger Games

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Ha! The art supply companies duke it out, French revolutionary style.
Javert les miserables haha mean girls reference ;))
I Dreamed a Dream... I love this song.

Les Miserables

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Peter P and Thor
I fucking scream every time I see these shots

Love, Simon

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Percy Jackson

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Who said it?
pretty little liars memes - Google Search
For those who are confused, here's the Pretty Little Liars family tree made clearer...


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America (Mallory) vs. Britain (Matt): I didn't even think about it until now...the 4th of July.
Studio C on Instagram: “In honor of national chocolate day, we’d like to call out these two chocoholics! #StudioC #Chocolate #Mattory”
Studio C - Basketball Shoulder Angel... Best thing is that i met shawn bradley... He's so tall

Studio c

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Fandom outfit. Credit to original pinned for putting together this outfit!
Fanart by @elizabetheades
Pens That Camouflage As Grass Brighten Up Your Office - OhGizmo! Yes.


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Once Upon A Time🍅


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Scooby Doo

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Thirteen Reasons Why
Thirteen Reasons Why. <3
13 Reasons Why meme

13 reasons

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[Avatar] toph and nicknames : r/CuratedTumblr Avatar The Last Airbender Funny, Avatar Funny, Avatar Airbender, Fire Nation, Cartoon Memes, Cartoons, Captain Boomerang, Yip Yip, Iroh
[Avatar] toph and nicknames
[Avatar] toph and nicknames : r/CuratedTumblr
Magnus Chase
Percy Jackson Ships
#PercyJackson #PJ #HeroesofOlympus #HoO #MarkofAthena #MoA Kane Chronicles
#PercyJackson #PJ #HeroesofOlympus #HoO #MarkofAthena #MoA
Percy Jackson Fan Art
A Amanda
A Amanda
Greek Mythology Humor
The Last Avatar, Atla Memes, Sneak Attack, Team Avatar
Oncle Rick, Daughter Of Poseidon
Emma T
Emma T
Seaweed Brain, The Heroes Of Olympus
Fira SJ
Fira SJ
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Julia Bell
Julia Bell
Frank Zhang
Cellophane Revenge
Cellophane Revenge
Apollo Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson Wallpaper
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Will Solace HC
Will Solace HC
Elijah of the Dead
Elijah of the Dead
Avatar Facts, Avatar Series, Avatar Book
REAL-LIFE AVATAR e Es oldiers' armor are inspired by from Tang Song Dynasties. REAL-LIFE AVATAR AA Zuko Elo] Azula's identical royal robes arejinspired by (SET - iFunny
Avatar Cartoon, Avitar
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