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Not crazy about the color, but the idea is what got me - NO FREEZER! I would love to have a refrigerator that didn't have a freezer as part of it. Then you just add a chest freezer - FYI, frost free freezers contribute to freezer burn!

Spices in tic tac containers for campfire cooking

Turn Tic Tac Containers Into Spice Storage

Repurposed TicTac Boxes for Camping Spices. Great idea and my husband eats tic tacs all the time. I know just where to get the empty tic tac boxes!

Cookbooks in a basket (on top of fridge)

I like this idea for cookbooks in a basket! Maybe keep on top of fridge! UPDATE: USED a basket I got for Christmas and put my most used cookbooks in it. Placed on top of the fridge to clear out cabinet space.

Cozimento taças de refrigerante e prata

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

TO POLISH SILVER -- Wash Items, then Place on Aluminum Foil in the Bottom of a Pot. Add a Baking Soda Solution of -- ¼ Cup Soda, a few Teaspoons Salt, & 1 Quart Boiling Water -- & Cover for a Few Seconds. A Chemical Reaction Gets the Black Off the Silver

Trick for Squeezing Lemons...why didn't I think of that!

SQUEEZE LEMON*Clever trick to squeezing lemons. I have eczema and lemon is one of those things that triggers it. I was about to buy a lemon squeezer, but have one of these, so don't have to.


Natural Decorating DIY Projects: Fill your home with a delicious tropical scent by embellishing navel oranges with cloves and ribbon. These festive orange pomanders can be used as a centerpiece in a decorative bowl, on the mantel or as a lovely gift.

Turntable frigorífico

Kitchen Organizers

See the "Fridge Turntable" in our Kitchen Organizers gallery.Refrigerator door space is prime kitchen real estate. Free it up by moving a few necessities to a turntable, where they’ll still be easy to grab.

Envelope Funil

Kitchen Organizers

When transferring dry ingredients to glass jars, use an envelope if you don't have a small funnel nearby. Cut a generous triangle from one end of the envelope, then snip tip off corner, and open into a cone. For large amounts, use big manila envelopes.

caixas plásticas na geladeira

baskets in fridges work Organize your fridge with this tutorial and 45 of the BEST Home Organizational & Household Tips, Tricks & Tutorials with their links!


Julie's Favorite- Microplane Premium Zester/Grater is essential for all your zesting and fine grating. With a surgical grade stainless steel blade, comfortable handle, zesting citrus, and grating cheese is virtually effortless!

organização de casa - Pesquisa Google

A Case for Open Storage

This weekend, the man plans to make open shelves in the pantry - we will display our canning jars and other clear glass containers on narrow shelves - big impact!

Inspirational Homes: Reciclando Escadas

CORK FLOORS ~ Apartment Renovation - traditional - kitchen - new york - Francoise Bollack Architects