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amazing flames

This can relate to how Montag feels about not knowing about why they burn books and how it started; he feels very bothered and wants answers. It can also be what Montag sees when he has to burn books with a woman inside the house.

I love the flow and energy of this series by digital artist Federico Bebber. The swirling lines go perfectly with the graceful models, while the use of black and white helps to keep the focus on the form and shapes of the images without being distracted by color.via [who designed it]

Quantum Physics - All matter is merely Energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all One Consciousness experienceing itself subjectively. Life is only a Dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves

Light Paintings by Dennis Calvert

''Fourth Dimensional Vision - light painting is the art of shooting long exposures while moving a hand-held light source (or moving the camera) in order to “draw” with light in the resulting photo. Check out this photographer’s entire set— pure genius.

I am a water sign who wants, more than anything, to play with fire

Corinne Deandra, an award-winning author, discovers she has the ability to manipulate and conjure flame at will. After meeting a two hundred and nineteen-year.

Violet light flowed from my palms, cooling and healing Cassidy's burns. I'm not sure how I knew how to do it, but it worked and that was the important part .

I stared at the violet burning light that was leaving my palm. It felt so sensational I forgot the fact that I was doing the test. Marcus’s shouting and yelling became a staticky noise to me, and soon the light became a bright explosion of purple fire.