(De) Rotterdam by Rem Koolhaas

Koolhaas said one day "kill the skyscrapers" This is another example of OMA of a murder of a skyscraper from a horizontal cutting. De Rotterdam by Oma.

"It is not possible to live in this age if you don't have a sense of many contradictory forces." • REM KOOLHAAS • 1998 = Maison à Bordeaux

The lighting outside this window is perfect. It's like the viewer is about to step out into paradise. Window, Maison à Bordeaux Rem Koolhaas/OMA, Bordeaux, France, May

Seattle Central Library. Seattle, Washington. Rem Koolhass. 2004

Gestalt Figure/ Ground- this principal is shown because the room is a allusion between the glass and found which makes our eyes split the room into two different parts

Seattle Public Library Designed By Rem Koolhaas #architecture #design #seattle

Seattle Public Library Designed By Rem Koolhaas

De Rotterdam / OMA

De Rotterdam / OMA

Seattle Public Library: If I lived in Seattle, I would spend a lot of time here.

Seattle Public Library- when I look at pictures like this I get an almost physical craving to be there, quietly choosing books

Rem Koolhaas door Stefan Vanfleteren.

What portraitphotography is all about: in your face. Rem Koolhaas, Dutch architect, by Belgian photographer Stephan Vanfletteren