Colagem de azulejos de Lisboa e Porto, Portugal. Tiles | Portugal #Lisbon/Porto.

Chap part 1 azulejos- colored tiles, can used to protect lower half of from damage.

Portuguese tiles by Bordalo Pinheiro.

Portuguese ceramic tiles by Bordalo Pinheiro. The tiles are built up to create different layers, so the beauty of the image isn't lost and looks flat.

Fotos de  Azulejo tradicionais Portugueses pintados à mão para decoração Portuguese decorative tiles

Portuguese Azuleijo - I woud like this in my kitchen either with yellow or tangerine accents

Azulejos de Azeitao - Bacalhoa Palace  Portuguese Tiles, azulejos

Tiles produced at Azulejos da Azeitao for the the Quinta da Bacalhoa Palace. Flat hand painted tiles as well as relief tiles with different colored glazes.

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